Payment Policy

How you can pay in this Shop ?

Klarna Sofort Überweisung
Credit cards ( Visa, Master Card, Dinners Club and much more )
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay

Did i need to pay a special Fee ?

We not take a special charge or Fee for your Payment.

Why i need to pay first before i get my Product ?

In every Online Shop is it normal to pay first for the Product before it will be shipped to you. So we will pay the Shipping cost and protect us from Fraud orders.

Is my Order Protected when it not arrive ?

Your order is Protected we send it out with Tracking so you can see where it is every time. When the Product does not arrives we will send a second one and after this, we will send back your Money.

How i now this is a legit Onlineshop ?

For give you secure Payment Solutions our Shop is checked by all Payment gateways and Bank Systems that we a true Registry business. Fake Online Shops use only Bank Transfer they give it no Checkup.

You have still questions about our Company or Payments ?

Contact us or write our Live Chat Support Team