Selina Allen started Gemazu.com because she wanted to Bring the Animes and Collectibles, Games, and more from Japan the Country of the Rising sun to all in the world the problem was how to start?

That’s why she Connected with Different Companys in Japan and the US to get Stable Shipping and Warehouses with the Original Product Guarantee.

After the Long Jernouy of Product Testing and the Solution to get the products Secured to the customer after some issues with Logistic he gets the Point and Created one of the Safest Shipping methods to Get the product without damage to our Valued Customers after 1 year of hard work Gemazu.com was Born.

The first year of Gemazu.com was not that easy the logistic was too Small to Handel the Orders from Customers from all over the world after he Upgraded the logistics and expand to more countries with warehouses in over 28 Countries.

Now Gemazu.com has 3212 Employees and 76 Warehouses Around the World.

We want to be Your Nr 1 Anime and Gaming Merchandise Store we Give you an Original Guarantee and a 30 Days moneyback Guarantee we Love our Community and This Year 2021 we wanna give you the love we get from you back.

We from Gemazu.com wanna say thank you to all who did follow us until now.